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Welcome Collegiate Triathletes!

On behalf of Empower Multisport I would like to welcome you to the 2023 Collegiate Club National Championships hosted at picturesque Lake Lanier Islands in Buford, GA. Over 100 Collegiate teams will battle head-to-head for National Championship bragging rights. Our goal is to create a memorable experience for all involved.

The calm waters of Lake Lanier should provide some fast swim splits. The Draft Legal & Mixed Relay bike and run courses are contained on the island and were designed to be fast paced and spectator friendly. The Olympic bike will take you through the rolling hills of Buford GA and return to the island for a 6.2 mile run through the manicured grounds. All races will finish adjacent to the beach, and “spirit central” where University Team Zones will be located.

Thanks to Lake Lanier Islands Management for agreeing to host this exciting event. We would also like to recognize the Hall & Gwinnett County Police Departments and Georgia Dept. of Transportation for their support. Special recognition to our Event Production partner Georgia Multisport.

In addition, I would like to thank in advance the volunteers who will give of their time to make your experience a better one. When you have a moment, please take the opportunity to thank these generous folks.

Enjoy your time at Lake Lanier Islands, represent your schools with pride and race to your fullest potential.

Enjoy the journey,
Todd Gollnick
Race Director, Empower Multisport


Todd Gollnick

Race Director





Calm/ Lake



Moderate Hills




51 miles (Atlanta - ATL/KATL)

56 miles (Athens, GA - AHN)

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