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Mixed Team Relay

Sunday April 16th features the third and final race of the weekend which is the high-octane Mixed Team Relay featuring two men and two women open to each competing University. The short swim features three quick left turns that bring you back to shore. A fast paced one loop bike will get the blood pumping before you hit the pavement for a ½ mile ALL OUT Run – tag your teammate then it’s off again to the races…

The Grand Hall Parking Lot will play host to this year’s transition, expo, athlete zone with team tents and Finish Line.


This high intensity swim begins with a mass start on the beach. Athletes will swim just offshore in this 260 meter sprint swim. Three quick left turns then athletes will exit the beach, run up a few stairs then begin their run to transition.


During the Mixed Team Relay bike course, athletes will exit on the left side of the lot making a quick left turn onto Camellia Road. At the top of the road athletes will make a left turn on Lanier Islands Pkwy. Athletes will pass through the round-a-bout and continue onto Pine Needle Road toward the campground. Athletes will circle around the camper check-in building before heading back toward transition, passing the beach and Margaritaville. At the top of Lanier Island Parkway athletes will make a right turn on Camellia Rd, go downhill and finish with a sharp right turn back up to transition.

Run (Runner 1-3 .47 miles)

The following course is for the first (3) runners in this high-octane event. Athletes will exit on the left side of the Grand Hall Parking Lot and immediately get onto the pedestrian path. At the top of the hill athletes will make a quick left turn, staying on the pedestrian path. At their first opportunity athletes will turn left running down the service road toward the beach. They will run to the right of the main building at the base of the hill, winding down the path and passing in front of the Landshark Bar & Grill Restaurant to the tag zone adjacent to the beach.

Run (Final Runner  .59 miles)

The following course is for the Final Runner in the MTR. The final runner will exit on the right side of the Grand Hall Parking Lot. At the base of the exit runners will make a right turn onto Camellia Rd. running down the right lane of the road to the base of the hill. At the base of the hill runners will make a right turn and get back onto the pedestrian walking path outside the tennis courts. Athletes will run back up the pedestrian path, make a left hand turn into the Grand Hall Parking lot running uphill before making a right hand tun into the Finish Line.





Calm/ Lake



Moderate Hills




51 miles (Atlanta - ATL/KATL)

56 miles (Athens, GA - AHN)

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