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USAT Rules

Competitive Rules can be found at the USAT Website here.  They are listed below but please visit the USAT Website link for the most up-to date rules listing. 

The rules governing all Draft Legal Events that are Sanctioned by USAT, are the World Triathlon Rules of Competition  with several dispensations outlined in the 2022 USAT Draft Legal Equipment and Rules Checklist which can also be found at

DRAFT LEGAL ATHLETES:  Please make note, this is a 3-loop bike course for the Draft Legal Race and the lap out rule will be enforced.



Attention ALL athletes competing in the Draft Legal Race.  The Athlete briefing scheduled for Friday April 12th from 5:00-6:00pm is Mandatory.  


If an athlete (or team) can’t make this meeting they need to notify our Head Race Referee and the Race Director, Todd Gollnick ahead of time.  Athletes who miss the Athlete Meeting without an excused absence will receive a :10 penalty in T1.


There will be a sign in sheet at the entrance to the briefing room, where athletes will check-in.  Packets will be handed out after the meeting to those in attendance.  Athlete’s that notified us that they would not attend the meeting will have their packets set aside and given to them (or their coach) at a later time.  


For athletes that miss the meeting without notification, your packets will be handed to the head referee.  The head referee will speak with the specific athletes and let you know about the :10 second penalty.


We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to a great race.

Todd Gollnick, Race Director (

For more information regarding USAT Collegiate Clubs, please visit:

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USA Triathlon Sportsmanship Creed

As competitive athletes and members of the triathlon community, you know there is no better feeling than succeeding in your endeavors in sport. As a competitor at USA Triathlon events, you have a responsibility to demonstrate the highest standards of sportsmanship per the USA Triathlon Rulebook (Article III, Sections 3.3 and 3.4, Line b.), and as such, should always show respect for the sport, your fellow athletes, race staff, officials, volunteers and spectators. Each individual athlete shares this responsibility, which includes refraining from the use of improper language and conduct detrimental to the community at large. This rule will be strictly enforced and disrespectful language or conduct will not be tolerated.


Drug Testing

USA Triathlon takes clean sport and anti-doping very seriously. In accordance with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) regulations, athletes may be drug tested at this event. Should drug testing occur, there are strict protocols that must be followed and will be coordinated by the on-site USADA representative as well as a USA Triathlon staff member. For information on USADA, please click here. For a list prohibited and banned substances, click here





Calm/ Lake



Moderate Hills




15 miles (Orange County - SNA)

76 miles (San Diego - SAN)

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