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Could your company benefit from the opportunity to extend your brand and have an enhanced opportunity to engage with more than 1000 collegiate athletes?  Can you envision your brand being talked about at more than 160 colleges and universities?  Contact us today to learn about sponsorship opportunities we have available at all levels of investments!  We believe in personal interaction between our athletes and sponsors and offer a wealth of opportunities for you to get engaged.  Email to learn more and get your place secured!

Sponsorship engagement exists in many forms from signage throughout the event, to outreach in the community, expo space, sponsored events throughout the weekend and much, much more.  You can see our complete sponsor guide below.

Align Your Company with a Healthy Lifestyle

Our athletes participate in swimming, biking and running in each event.  They have worked very hard and consistently to be in the best shape of their lives.  Their excitement and dedication is a testimony and inspiration to the thousands of volunteers and fans they have raced in front of during the season.  The combination of swimming, biking and running requires dedication, focus and drive.  The athletes, volunteers and fans at our event will be a wonderful audience to align your company with!





Calm/ Lake



Moderate Hills




15 miles (Orange County - SNA)

76 miles (San Diego - SAN)

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